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Mass Media are sources of information which are intended to inform the people.

Types of MM:

  1. ELECTRONIC- TV, radio, internet, telephone
  2. PRINT- newspaper, magazines, leaflets, billboards, journals



-TV news, music, documentaries, series (sitcoms, soap operas), cartoons, feature films, chat shows, quiz,...

The advantages of TV +

  • get everyday information about: econimics, politics, sport, entertaiment, weather
  • good for relax
  • good for education
  • spend time together and have a fun

The disadvantages of TV -

  • we damage our sight
  • too much time
  • we can get fat when we eat in front of TV, we should eat in the kitchen at the kitchen table. Such people who eat in the dinning room in front of TV are called COACH POTATOES
  • watching TV has bad influence on children - action, erotic, thriller because films are full of violence, killing, murder, sex,...
  • the members of the family have an argument what program to watch
  • we don´t have time to do some sports, learn, go out with friends, tidy up, go for a walk in the fresh air
  • it´s harmful to the enviroment


-world chard show, world forecast, news, chat shows, traffic news

Internet - the advantages

  • download the articles, texts, music, films, games, files
  • internet banking to pay bills
  • chat, watch online TV, talk to family trough the webcamera
  • send, read, write e-mails

- the disadvantages

  • we can get addicted to become gamblers



  • quality (serious paper)
  • popular papers/tabloids/ -daily, weekly
-there are the article about celebrities, the gossip about their personal life


-weekly, monthly
-are specialized on different topics, such as: fashion, technologies, car, housing, sport, gardening, fishing and hunting


-serious magazine full of articles about scientific invention discoveries (readers digest)
-are written by experts (scientists, doctors, teachers,...)


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