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Canada is divided into 3 territories and 10 provincies.
Canada is made from indian word Kanata which means village.
National symbol is a flag. The flag has three stripes. Two stripes are red and one stripe is white. In the middle of the white stripe is maple leaf.
National currency is canadian dollar. It divided to 100 cents.
The capital city is Ottawa.
The members of Parliament are in policy for 5 years.
The members of the House of Commons are elected and the members of the Senate are appointed.
The official political head is Elizabeth II.
Canada is an independent constitutional monarchy.
The Governor General represents Canada.

The first settlers were the French in 17th century. They named country New France.
In Canada are 2 official languages - English and France.
1st settlement was in Quebec.
Original people who lived in Canada were The Crees, the Mohawks and the Eskimos(Inuit).
Eskimos live in the north of Canada.
One from interesting places is Niagara Falls.
The highest peak in Canada is Mount Logan. (5959m)
In Canada are 2 milions Lakes. Canada is a Land of lakes.
The longest river is Mackenzie.
The national spor tis ice-hockey.
NHL-national hockey league.
Popular spor tis Lacrosse.

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